Pieces for Orchestra

"Beethoven off set" (or "I take it back the ninth symphony") for symphony orchestra and ensemble (2015-2018) • The Recognitions for Orchestra and Tape (2006) WP 6.02.2006, Eurogress Aachen, Sinfonieorchester Aachen, Ltg, GMD Marcus R. Bosch • ÜBerlinien II for sopran and orchestra (2010) • Concert for  Piano and  Orchestra (1992/rev.2000) - Koros Heliou für kleines Orchester (2004)

Work for the Scene-Music for theatre

Sotto voce Shortopera for Soprano and Video (01.09.2011 Hauptbahnhof Berlin, Claudia Herr, Soprano, Gil Sperling, Video, Georg Steker, Director, Annika Voigt Text • Timbuktu oder die Bibliothek der Wüste (2008-Proj.) • ...because not as my heart beats on you theatremusic after texts by Helmut Krausser for soprano, baritone, 7 Musicians and tape (2000-2001) W.P. 15.03.2000, Space Museum Ludwig Aachen, Cond. Andreas F. Staffel, Director: Karl Walter Sprungala, Katharina Marquet, Wolf Latzel, Baritone; other Performances: 12.10.2001 Parkstadt Limburg Theater, Netherlands Conductor, Bernhard Moncado, New Musicensemble Aachen, Dominik Engler, Soprano, Wolf Latzel Baritone

Ensemble Music

Kubik (07) for 14 players (Fl., Ob., Klar., Fag., Hrn., Tr., Tb., Pno., Hrf., Vl., Vla., Vlc., Db.) •  Islands and Clouds for 12 flutes (W.P. 3.5.1999, Partikasaal Robert Schumannhochschule Düsseldorf, flute class Hochschule) • Effigies (08) for 12 players (Fl., Ob., Klar., Fag., Hrn., Perc., Pno.) • Soleil et Chair for dancers, video setting, ensemble and 12 instrumentalists (2002-2006) (Fl., Ob., Klar., Hrn., Pno., Perc., Vl., Vla..) Db.) W.P. 12.6.2004 Stadttheater Aachen Foyer, Sinfonieorchester Aachen, conductor Jeremy Hulin; further performance of No.II (Just another Nightmusic) children's concert (Music from other planets) 25.01.2005, Sinfonieorchester Aachen, conductor Jeremy Hulin

Solo Pieces

Anthemion (2007) for Harp-Solo, W.P. 4.11.2017 Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin, Katharina Hanstedt • Aponovi (Wie der Wind unter die Lücke pfeifft) (5.7.2018, Zepernicker Randspiele, Erik Drescher, Glissandoflöte) • Schatteninschriften (Épigraphes a l´ombre)  for Bassflute Solo (2011) W.P. 15.05.2011 intersonanzen Potsdam, Klaus Schöpp • Aponovi (Where the Wind blows down the gap ) Tongues of fire arr. for Glissandoflöte (2017) W.P. 5.07.2018 Zepernicker Randfestspiel • Im hohen Holz (In high woods) for Oboe(n) Solo, W.P. 19.10.2017 Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Antje Thierbach • Kindled Spirit for E-Guitar Solo, W.P. 26.03.2018 Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Dennis Sobolev • Lipflowers for Horn Solo (2016), W.P. 30.9.2017 Pyramidale Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Elena Akuro • Polymonolie I for accordion solo, W.P. 7.06.2015 Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow, Sergej Tschirkow; further performances: 24.3.2017 Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Roman Yusipey, 8.07.2017 Kirche zum Heilsbronnen Berlin-Schöneberg, Roman Yusipey, 29.09.2017 St.Nicolaus Alsterdorf, Hamburg, Roman Yusipey, 27.10.2017 Festival intersonanzen, Neza Torka, 5.01.2018, Stadtkirche Liestal, Basel (Ch) Sergey Tschirkow, 21.04.2018 Odessa, Philharmonie, Roman Yusipey, 28.09.2018 Wuppertal, Musikhochschule, Roman Yusipey, 20.10.2018 Philharmonie Lemberg, Roman Yusipey • Polymonolie II W.P. 6.11.2015 Scriabin Museum Moscow, Sergej Tschirkow; further performances: 1.07.2016 Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin, Susanne Stock, - 28.8.2016 Rangsdorf GEDOK Gallery, Susanne Stock - 12.10. 2016 Hochschule Osnabrück, Susanne Stock - 15.10.2016 Circle 1, Kreuzberg • Sonata for Violin Solo ("Um Haaresbreite") (2003-2016), W.P.7.10.2010 BKA-Kreuzberg, Kinneret Sieradtzki - 24.06.2016 Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Andreas Neufeld • Um Haaresbreite (Version for Mooni) (Aprèlude and Allegro Ossesionato) for Violoncello Solo (2016), W.P. 3.02.2017, Wong Whee Moon • Um Haaresbreite (Version for Ulrike), W.P. 21.09.2017 Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin, Ulrike Brand, Cello • Tongues of fire arr. for glissando flute (2017), W.P. 5.07.2018 Zepernicker Randfestspiele, Erik Drescher Flute • Tongues of fire arr. for trumpet (2017) • 4 intermezzi for double bass - solo (2017)


Suite "Sur bois" for flute and piano (1999-2009),W.P. 9.06.2017 Encounterpoints, Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Erik Drescher, Flutes and Pavlos Antoniadis • Five Encounters for violoncello and piano (2002), W.P. 6.2. 2002 Stadttheater Aachen, Christoph Bubeck, violoncello, Andreas F. Staffel, piano; further performances: 24.09.2004, Oper Frankfurt, Christoph Bubeck, Andreas F. Staffel • Encounterpoints I for violoncello and piano (2014), W.P. 24.01.2015, Klangbrücke Aachen, Claudius von Wrochem, violoncello, Andreas F. Staffel, Klavier • Treibgut (Floatsam) II for baroque oboe and accordion (2016), W.P. 1.07.2016, Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin, Antje Thierbach, oboe, Susanne Stock, accordion; further performances:2 8.08. Rangsdorf, Gedock Gallery, Antje Thierbach, Susanne Stock - 12.10.2016, Musikhochschule Osnabrück, Antje Thierbach, Susanne Stock - 15.10, 2016, Circle 1 Kreuzberg, Antje Thierbach, Susanne Stock • Um Haaresbreite (by a hairbreadth) (version for two violins) (2016), W.P. 5.11.2016 Cecilia and Martin Gelland • Lascia Vibrare for clarinet and piano, world premiere 1.06.2018, Kunsthaus sans titre, Potsdam, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble • Lascia Vibrare (version for flute and clarinet) • Über kurz oder lang (Seven pieces for violin and piano) (2019)


Trio Del llanto (after Garcia Lorca) for flute, guitar and viola (2003); W.P. 4.3. 2003, Ikob Eupen (Bel.) Olaf Futyma, Fl., Vicente Bögeholz, Guit., Tom Morrison, Vla. • Trialogue for three Flutes (Trialog, Stimmungswechsel, Tongues of fire) (2003) • Trio: Distances/ Branching Lines for violin, violoncello and piano (October 2005); W.P. 3.06.2012 Friedenssaal Potsdam, Ensemble Mosaik (Catchatur Kanajan, violin, Matyas Meyr, Cello, Ernst Surberg, piano)


String Quartet No. I (1999); W.P. 2.12.1999 “Festival in Front” Klangbrücke Aachen, Portrait Andreas Staffel • Stringquartet No. II (Asanisimasa for Wilhelm Genazino) (2006); W.P. 8.06.2008 Tours, Finale Concours Henri Dutilleux, Quatuor Metaboles (Quartet of the Competition) • String Quartet No. III For Gerhard Richter (2014 - 2016) • Fortune for Saxophone Quartet, W.P. 16.09.2011 Friedenssaal Potsdam, Sonic.art. Saxophonequartett • Two monochrome landscapes (Fl, Pno, Perc., violoncello), W.P. 7.4.2013 Weimar, Mon Ami, En Plythos • Out of Focus for four electric guitars (2012) 13.09.2013 Fabrik Potsdam, E-Werk (Guitarquartet) • String Quartet No. III An Gerhard Richter (2014 - 2016) U.A. 30.05.2019, Kunsthaus sans titre, Potsdam, Royal String Quartet Warsaw


Quintet (Her fork strikes Piazolla in the dawn at the river) Sax, Acc., String Trio (2005), W.P. 24.04.2009 Potsdam City Hall, Ensemble Junge Musik, Conductor: Helmut Zapf; Further Performances: 12.07.2009 Zepernicker Randspiele, Ensemble Junge Musik, Helmut Zapf • ÜBerLinien und unter Punkten, W.P.1.06.2018 Kunsthaus sans titre Potsdam, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME)


Sextet (Spokes) (Fl., Kl., Kl., Perc., Vl., Vlc.), W.P. 4.9. 2008 Haus Quillo, Nordwestuckermark, Ensemble Anthemion • "Aprèlude" for sextet (Bassklar., Horn, Piano, Akk.,Vlc. (2016), W.P. 24.06.2016, Fabrik Potsdam, Ensemble Junge Musik, Direction: Helmut Zapf; further performances: 10.7.2016, Zepernicker Randfestspiele, Ensemble Junge Musik, Direction: Mushashi Baba •  "Flexagon" (2017) • Blurred Images (Fl., Clar, piano, string trio)


Encounterpoints II (ensemble book) (saxophone, bassoon, percussion, soprano, string trio), W.P. 1.11.2014 Exploratorium Berlin, Xenon Ensemble • Twilight/fading light (Fl., Kl., Hrn., Kl., Perc., Vl., Vlc.), W.P. 14.12. 2002 Ensemble Neue Musik Aachen, Cond.. Prof. Wolfgang Trommer

Piano Music

Nachtstücke (Nachtweben | Fluctuation (1999/rev. 2018) 31.05.2019 intersonanzen, Potsdam, Andreas F. Staffel | Mondschatten) (1999), W.P.. 3.12. 1999 Klangbrücke Aachen, Andreas F. Staffel • B-A-C-H (2000) • Hydromorphe (für präpariertes Klavier) (2002) • Schattentasten (Choral | Elf-einhalb | Monshi | Piccole domande al Sigr. Alberti | Der springende Punkt) (2006), W.P. 13.12.2015 Pianosalon Christophori Berlin, Daniel Seroussi; further performances: 16.2. 2018 Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin, Jan Gerdes - 28.11.2013 German Embassy Bischkek, Kirgisien, Andreas F. Staffel • Versetzungsgefährdet 6 Pieces for Young Pianists (2008-2009) (Blues, Tangofuge, Valse d'adieux, Lauer Marsch, Versetzung gefährdet, Anneliese shut up; written fort the  Potsdamer Kalender Musik 2009 • Centaur First Sonata, for prepared piano (2009), W.P. 13.09.2013, Fabrik Potsdam, Andreas F. Staffel • Tastenschatten, Cycle for Piano, 2012-2014 (Untouchable, Choral II, Kitschresistent, Magic squares, Polylines, Inside out, Out of focus-Last Blues), W.P. 30.5.2014 Musicstudio Ohrpheo Berlin, Jan Gerdes (I+III), 20.1.2015 BKA Berlin, Jan Gerdes (IV); further performances: 29.11. 2015, 6.08.2015 Museum for Music Instruments Teheran, Moritz Ernst (II+IV) Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf, Jan Gerdes (IV) • Kitschresistent Version for Piano and Liveelektronik (2016), W.P. 18.06.2016 Remix-Ackerstadt Berlin, Andreas F. Staffel • Two glasses past midday (2019), written for the project: 250 pieces for Ludwig van Beethoven by Susanne Kessel

Vocal Music

a) Choral Works

Banale Madrigale... (Conversations and commonplace texts for mixed choir a cappella) (2005) (Morning hour, online offline, stock market prices, personal ad, regulars' talks, remote control), W.P. 3.06.2018 Kunsthaus sans Titre Potsdam, Maulwerker (version for three singers) • Speechless Fuge for eight voices a capella (2015), W.P. 14.06.2016 Palais im großen Garten Dresden, Auditiv Vocal (conductor:Olaf Katzer); further performances: 28.09. Stadtmuseum Dresden, Auditivvocal, Direction Olaf Katzer, Choreography: Katja Erfurth • Just because one is so used to it, it is not normal for three baritones according to words of Marcus Wiebusch (KETTCAR), W.P. 29.09.2012 Pyramidale Marzahn Hellersdorf BKA Berlin Thorbjörn Björnsson and Phillip Mayer, baritone, Daniel Pannermayr, bass; Further performances: 16.04.2013 BKA-Berlin Thorbjörn Björnsson and Phillip Mayer, baritone, Daniel Pannermayr, bass

b) Songs

Die schöne Nacht, Sinnsprüche (Goethe) für Sopran und Klavier (2004) 24.09.2004, comissioned by the town of Frankfurt, Opera Frankfurt, Katharina Marquet, Andreas F. Staffel • 4 Diotimasongs after Friederich Hölderlin for soprano and piano (1992-98), W.P. 3.12. 1999 Klangbrücke Aachen, Katharina Marquet, Andreas F. Staffel • 3 Songs on poems by Georg Trakl for Bariton and Piano (1992) • 7 Songs after Paul Celan for Bariton and Klavier (2001) • 8 Songs after Lovepoemes by Bertold Brecht (2000 - 2011) for Soprano, Bariton and Tenor, W.P. 30.06.2012 Brechthaus Berlin, Margarete Huber, soprano, Jan Kobow, tenor, Andreas F. Staffel, piano; further performances: 2.10.2012 BKA-Berlin, Margarete Huber, soprano, Jan Kobow, tenor, Andreas F. Staffel, Piano - 17.10.2009 Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin (partial premiere) Yvonne Friedli, soprano, Jochen Voigt, tenor, Andreas F. Staffel, piano - 4.10.2016 Centro Cultural Sao Paolo, Brazil Katia Guedes, soprano, Jan Gerdes piano (III. V+VII) - 11.10. German Consulate Sao Paolo Brazil, Katia Guedes, soprano, Jan Gerdes piano | Arrangement of three songs from this for soprano and double bass (2017) U.A. 18.12, 2017, Konzerthaus Berlin, Lisa Ströckens, Soprano, Stephan Goldbach, Double Bass • Terzet about Love (Brecht) for Sopran, Tenor, Piano and Violin • Selected Songs after Helmut Krausser (2000) for Soprano and Baritone • Pastoral after Edna St.Vincent Millay (2005) • Local Stunned (after own texts) for Soprano, Baritone, Piano and Smartphone Dictograph (2016), W.P. 7.09.2016 Musikakademie Basel; further performances: Stuttgart, Paris, London, Berlin, Rheinsberg, Bremen, Schlitz, Baden-Baden; Christine Simolka, soprano, René Wohlhauser, baritone, piano, smartphone dictator • Distillations Four songs after poems by Gottfried Benn for high soprano, piano, live electronics and tape (2017), W.P. 7.09.2017 Wabe Berlin, Katia Guedes, soprano, Julius Holtz, electronics, Andreas F. Staffel, piano; further performances: 6.10.2017, O´ Culto da Ajuda, Lisbon;Katia Guedes, soprano, Julius Holtz, electronics, Ulrich Mitzlaff, violoncello, Andreas F. Staffel, piano (with kind support from the Goethe Institute)