Beethoven_ off_set - online presentation of the third movement and talk about the work

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Online presentation of the third movement (III. Adagio molto) of Beethoven_off_set (or I take it back, the ninth symphony) as a score video.
Interviews about the orchestral piece with Fritz Schütte (journalist and author) and the participating artists.

The event will be livestreamed on Youtube (
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Beethoven_off_set (or I take it back, the ninth symphony)
Composition/Conception: Andreas F. Staffel
Music production, recording management, electronics and sound direction: Julius Holtz

Antje Thierbach (oboe)
Andreas Neufeld (solo violin)
Sergey Tchirkov (accordion)
Andreas F. Staffel (inside piano, recorder)

In December 2020, with the help of the VSL library and live recordings, the third movement of the forty-minute orchestral piece was recorded in the studio. Composer Andreas F. Staffel and the live artists talk to journalist and author Fritz Schütte about the process of creating the work. Finally, Andreas F. Staffel will play his piano piece "Two glasses past midday," composed in 2020 for the series "250 pieces for Beethoven" by Bonn pianist Susanne Kessel and premiered in Bonn.

Free of charge - donations via Paypal are appreciated.

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