"Über kurz oder lang" (7 Pieces for Violin and Piano) (2020)

[1. Close ups | 2. Inside out | 3. Als ob | 4. Aprèlude | 5. Outside in | 6. Desert Islands | 7. Fiddlesticks]

Andreas Neufeld | Violin
Tatjana Neufeld | Piano

Camera - Christian Hadulla

WP - 22.05.2020 - Berlin - Musikstudio Ohrpheo

Edition Anthemion 91301

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Video:Stringquartet No. III (For Gerhard Richter)Stringquartet No. III (For Gerhard Richter) (2012-2018)

I. Woods,
II. Epiphanie

Royal Stringquartet Warsaw
(Izabella Szalaj-Zimak, 1. VL., Elwira Przybylowska, 2. VL., Pawel Czarny, Vla., Michael Pepal, Vc.)
Dietrich Petzold, sound engineer

Camera and editing - Henry Mex

Festival intersonanzen.2019 (31.5.2019)

„"The Royal String Quartet Warsaw was a sensitive interpreter who devoted their concentrated attention to every note, every noisy element - tinkerers at work, able to model the difficult things out of it The Third String Quartet by Andreas Staffel lives above all from the tonal spectrum of the instruments. It tells of the composer's intensive and atmospherically dense exploration of Gerhard Richter's abstract painting.“

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Andreas F. Staffel plays Fluctuations (Potsdam 2019, Festival intersonanzen)Fluctuations for piano and tape (2004. rev. 2019)

Andreas F. Staffel, piano
Dietrich Petzold, sound engineer

Camera and editing - Henry Mex

Andreas F. Staffel "Fluctuations" for piano and tape(2004/2019), World premiere on 31.5. 2019, Kunsthaus "sans titre" Potsdam, as part of the Intersonanzen 2019, Organizer BVNM – Brandenburgischer Verein Neue Musik.

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Treibgut II for oboe and guitar (2019)

Antje Thierbach | Oboe
Tobias Krebs | Guitar

Concert recording from 14.2.2020 (Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin)
Recording: Gianni A. Staffel

Video: Andreas Staffel: 3 songs after love poems by Bertolt Brecht (Stöckens, Goldbach)Andreas F. Staffel: 3 songs after love poems by Bertolt Brecht (1999 - 2012, arr. 2018)

Lisa Stöckens, soprano
Stephan Goldbach, double bass

Festival EnCounterpoints, Wabe Berlin (12.05.2019)

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Video: Andreas F. Staffel - Banale MadrigaleAndreas F. Staffel: Banale Madrigale (WP, for 3 vocals)

Maulwerker - Trio 1
Ariane Jeßulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten

Potsdam Festival intersonanzen - concert house sans titre
June 3, 2018

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Fluctuations for piano and tape (2004. rev. 2019)

Andreas F. Staffel, piano
Dietrich Petzold, sound engineer

Festival intersonanzen.2019 (31.5.2019)

Im hohen Holz (for one to four oboes and tape) (2016)

Antje Thierbach, Oboes
Sound direction: Daniel Weingarten
Recording of the performance at the Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin on 10.05.2019

Magic Squares (Nach Paul Klee)

Jan Gerdes, Piano
Record from 11.5.2019
Pianohaus Goecke und Fahrenholz (Berlin)

Katla Guedes Gesang beim Konzert am 7.09.2017 in der Wabe in BerlinDstillations (III. Nur zwei Dinge)

Excerpt from the premiere of Distillatios, Julius Holtz (Electronics), Katia Guedes (Soprano), Andreas F. Staffel (Piano), 07.09.2017 Wabe Berlin

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Andreas Staffel am Klavier und Katla Guedes Gesang beim Konzert am 7.09.2017 in der Wabe in BerlinDistillations

Distillations, Julius Holtz (Electronics), Katia Guedes (Soprano), Andreas F. Staffel (Piano), 07.09.2017 Wabe Berlin (Eorld Premiere)

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Video-Link zum Stück Andreas Staffel "Distanzen -- abzweigende Linienführung | Distances - diverging lines" for Klaviertrio. Played by Ensemble Mosaik

Chatschatur Kanajan - violin, Ernst Surberg - piano, Mathis Mayr - violoncello. Intersonanzen 2012, Brandenburgisches Fest der Neuen Musik, Friedenssaal Potsdam, 3. June 2012. Brandenburgischer Verein Neue Musik. Camera: Giora Khen, Aaron Richmond, Henry Mex | Editing: Henry Mex | Sound: Dietrich Petzold

The Ensemble JungeMusik plays my song Aprèslude at the Intersonanzen 2016"Aprèslude" (after a poem by Gottfried Benn)

"Aprèslude" premiere on 24.4. 2016 by the Ensemble JungeMusik, Fabrik Potsdam within the Intersonanzen 2016.

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Created with the Vienna Symphonic Library

Opera and pieces for theatre

Video-Link zum Stück 'Sotto Voce'Video link to the track 'Sotto Voce'sotto voce - Part of the Festival in the Berlin Main Station September 2011

Claudia Herr (sopran) - Gil Sperling (conzept, text, video) - Andreas Staffel (composition) - Aninika Vogt (conzept, text, director) - Georg Steker (conzept, text, dramaturgy) - Prof. Dr. Tadeus Nawka (medical associate)


Other vocal works, please visit:


Videomitschnitt - Andreas F. Staffel: Polymonoly I für Akkordeon - Sergej Tchirkov | AkkordeonAndreas F. Staffel: Polymonoly I for accordion

Sergej Tchirkov | accordion
German premiere - 3. Juli 2016 Musikstudio Ohrpheo in Berlin
The piece was created in spring 2014 and is dedicated to a Persian artist. In addition to the allusion to the society play Monopoly, which is hidden in the title, the composition essentially refers to the constant alternation between one and several voices.

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Video: Andreas Staffel: Treibgut II - A. Thierbach (Oboe) | S. Stock (Akkordeon)Andreas F. Staffel: Treibgut II

Antje Thierbach, baritonoboe
Susanne Stock, accordion

Recorded in the concert hall of the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin on 5.11.2016

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Video: Andreas Staffel: Polymonoly II -S. Stock (Akkordeon)Andreas F. Staffel: Polymonoly II

S. Stock (accordion)
Performance from 01.07.2016 in the Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Berlin.
"Polymonolie II - Air on Air" for accordion solo describes different states of exhaustion. For example, Such as the various possibilities of instrumental exhalation, breathing pauses, air games, and gradually dissolving sound columns.

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Woong Whee Moon Solorecital Violoncello at Musikstudio OhrpheoFor Mooni

Video recording of "For Mooni" for violoncello, Woong Whee Moon, world premiere 2017, Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin.

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Andreas Staffel: Sprachlos "Sprachlos/Speechless" (In memoriam Christoph Schlingensief)

Auditiv Vokal Dresden
Leitung: Olaf Katzer

recorded in the Palais am großen Garten Dresden, sound engineer: Max Pauls

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Video: Andreas Staffel: Kindled Spirit for E-GuitarAndreas F. Staffel: Kindled Spirit for E-Guitar

Kindled Spirit for E-Guitar played by Dennis Sobolev at Musikstudio Ohrpheo (26.3.2018).

Dennis Sobolev - guitar
Vladimir Krug - video and light

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Other chamber works, please visit:

Foto von Aufführung Andreas F. Staffel - Her fork strikes Astor in the dawn at the riverAndreas F. Staffel - Her fork strikes Astor in the dawn at the river

Quintet for bass clarinet, alto saxophone. Accordion, piano and double bass
Ensemble Young Music Berlin
Head: Helmut Zapf
(Intersonanzen Potsdam - 24.04.09)


Link: Andreas F. Staffel - AlbertiAndreas F. Staffel - Alberti

Link: Andreas F. Staffel - ChoralAndreas F. Staffel - Choral

Chinesiche Glückskatze auf Notenbild"Kitschresistent"

Live recording of the world premiere of my piano piece at the BKA - Berlin on 20.1.2015 - Jan Gerdes, piano

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Wagner Anaolg VideolinkAndreas Staffel "Wagner Analog"

Improvisation on Good Friday, Andreas F. Staffel: Piano, Toypiano and Tapedeck
Recordings from the Parsifal, Bayreuth 1951, Knappertsbusch, excerpts from speeches and interviews of Adorno, Hitler and Schlingensief
Musikstudio Ohrpheo, 24.05.2013

Chopin ImprovisationImprovisation on the piano etude op. 25, No. 11, by Chopin

Andreas F. Staffel, Improvisation on the piano etude op. 25 Nr. 11 von Chopin

Video-Link zur Improvisation über die Klaviersonate 'Kentaurus'Improvisation on the piano sonata "Kentaurus"

Andreas F. Staffel: Improvisation on the piano sonata No. 1 "Kentaurus".


Link: Andreas F. Staffel spielt BoulezAndreas F. Staffel plays Pierres Boulez

Franz Liszt: RicordanzaAndreas F. Staffel plays Franz Liszt: Ricordanza (Grande Etude d'execution transcendente No.9)

Andreas F. Staffel - W.A. Mozart Sonate in a-moll Kv 310 Teil 2Andreas F. Staffel - W.A. Mozart Sonata in a-moll Kv 310 Part 2

Link zu Andreas F. Staffel spielt Hans Werner Henze: CherubinoAndreas F. Staffel plays Hans Werner Henze: Cherubino

Andreas F. Staffel plays Ravel: Pavane | Play mp3-file

Andreas F. Staffel spielt Ravel: Alborado del gracioso | Play mp3-file

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Andreas F. Staffel on SoundCloud

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Andreas F. Staffel on YouTube

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