Sotto voce

sotto voce - Excerpt from the festival at Berlin Hauptbahnhof September 2011

Claudia Herr (soprano) - Gil Sperling (concept, text, video) - Andreas Staffel (composition) - Annika Vogt (concept, text, direction) - Georg Steker (concept, text, dramaturgy) - Prof. Dr. Tadeus Nawka (medical assistance)

Excerpt from the festival at Berlin Central Station September 2011

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Prize-winning project from the Festival Ankunft Neue Musik - Operare (Berlin Central Station)

Claudia Herr (Sopran) - Gil Sperling (Konzept, Text, Video) - Andreas Staffel (Komposition) - Annika Vogt (Konzept, Text, Regie) - Georg Steker (Konzept, Text, Dramaturgie) - Prof. Dr. Tadeus Nawka (Medizinische Mitarbeit)

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