CD 'Treibgut'

CD Treibgut

Chamber Music II (2014 - 2016)

Aprèslude Nr. 1 (after a poem of Gottfried Benn)
Ensemble junge Musik (conductor Musashi Baba)
Lippenblüten, for Horn Solo (2016)
Elene Kakaliagou, horn
Treibgut II (2016)
Antje Thierbach, baritone oboe, Susanne Stock, accordion
Um Haaresbreite (recast) (2016)
Martin und Cecilia Gelland, violins
Encounterpoint I (2014 - 2015)
Claudius von Wrochem, violoncello
Polymonolie I, for Sara Assari (2014)
Sergej Tschirkov, accordion
Polymonolie II, für Sergej Tschirkov (2015)
Susanne Stock, accordion
"Sprachlos" (2016)
Auditiv Vokal Dresden, conductor Olaf Katzer

Total length: 64:01

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Dear Andreas,

a lot of fine flotsam. I can't express myself like a real music critic, but with my words: I really like your CD, to listen to it, to listen to it. The breaks are great. The floating or holding on of individual notes and passages with an instrument, in contrast to the wafting multi-instrumentarium/large sound carpet, is extremely pleasing.
Whispers, strange noises of different kinds and the great steps, bravo! Only the extremely cutting high notes don't get me. When I am in a start-up/crisis phase in life, it may help to be catapulted out of the abyss.

I saw myself on the beach, seeing flotsam, bringing waves, taking along, whirling around.


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