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Album 'Solostücke I' (Release mid September) - Dear friends, become part of the team!

My new album "Solostücke I" will be released by Kreuzberg Records in mid-September. The musicians are renowned instrumentalists from the new music scene, to whom most of the compositions are dedicated.

I would like to give you the opportunity to secure copies of the album in advance at a special price via (subject: CD Solostücke I) and thus actively support the project. From 12,- Euro per CD (retail price 19,80 Euro) you are part of it:

  • Single price for one CD 14,50 Euro (plus 3,- Euro for shipping, each CD more without shipping fee)
  • 5 CDs (per CD 13,- Euro = 70 Euro including shipping)
  • 10 CDs (per CD 12,- Euro = 120 Euro including shipping)

In addition to these offers, we have also put together some special packages for you here, with which you can support the project even more.

The CD will last approx. 70 minutes. It will be released in a stylish cardboard sleeve (digipack) with a modern design and a twelve-page bilingual booklet. The recording was supervised by sound engineers Daniel Weingarten and Dietrich Petzold, with whom I have worked together for many years.

The following musicians are waiting for you:

Erik Drescher (glissando flute), Antje Thierbach (oboes), Ingolfur Viljamson (clarinet), Theo Nabicht (double bass clarinet), Elena Akuro (horn), Dennis Sobolev (electric guitar), Katharina Hanstedt (harp), Megumi Hamaya (organ), Nikolaus Schlierf (viola, vocals) and Eva Böcker (violoncello, Ensemble Modern).


Aponovi oder wie der Wind durch die Lücke pfeift (2017)
Erik Drescher, glissando flute (6:00)

Im hohen Holz (2016)
Antje Thierbach, oboes and multi-channel playbackl (7:00)

Lascia Vibrare (2017)
Ingolfur Viljamson, clarinet (7:00)

Primeval Monologue (2017)
Theo Nabicht, double bass clarinet (6:00)

Lippenblüten (2015)
Elena Kakaliagu, Horn (6:00)

Kindled spirit (2018)
Dennis Sobolev, electric guitar (8:00)

Anthemion (2007-2017)
Katharina Hanstedt, harp (6:30)

Magic Squares für Orgel-Solo (2023)
Megumi Hamaya, organ (6:30)

Fünf Episoden für einen singenden Bratschisten (2023)
Nikolaus Schlierf, viola (6:00)

Um Haaresbreite für Violoncello (2015)
Eva Böcker (Ensemble Modern), violoncello (10:00)

For some of the compositions, objects such as bottles, stones or even cuddly toys were used in addition to playback and live electronics. Over the course of the next year, I plan to complete the series and publish a solo piece for each instrument. This will then appear in the same edition under 'Solostücke II'.

Special offer

Signed CD with a thank-you postcard designed by the Korean artist Jiin Seoul
50,00 €

Signed CD, thank you postcard and a concert ticket of your choice for an event at Ohrpheo
75,00 €

Signed CD, thank you postcard, concert ticket of your choice, voucher for a lesson at Ohrpheo
150,00 €

Signed CD, thank you postcard, mention by name in the booklet.
200,00 €

We cook for you a unique 4-course menu (2 persons) from the countries of origin of our soloists (Iceland, Greece, Israel, Japan) with live music interludes
500,00 €

Private concert in your living room/salon
1.000,00 €

Let us know via (subject: CD special offer) if you would like to support us with one of the offers.

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