Häuser-Zeilen-Umbrüche (houses-lines-breaks)

Plakat von Häuser - Zeilen - Umbrüche (16.09.2023,8 p.m. - Kleiner Wasserspeicher Berlin)

A song anti-cycle by Andreas F. Staffel
for soprano, synthesizer, samples and video
after own texts and poems

Yvonne Friedli, soprano
Andreas F. Staffel, synthesizer
Frank Bertram, video
Idalia Roberta Kurowska, dance
Alexander Buric, vocals and guitar
Suzanna, special guest
Herbert Hellendorn, recitation

Tickets: 10 - 15 €

Ort | Location
Kleiner Wasserspeicher // Diedenhofer Straße
Diedenhofer Straße (im Park)
10405 Berlin

Event within the framework of

inm - Monat der Neuen Musik

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