a:toc - Tastennetze

Andreas F. Staffel: Klavier, präp. Klavier, Toypiano, Midipiano
Julius Holtz:Liveelektronik und Plattenspieler
Homepage: www.a-toc.de

The Duo a:toc results from the artistic exchange between Andreas Staffel and Julius Holtz in which two different artistic personalities and attitudes meet each other.

Staffel studied piano at the conservatory Frankfurt a. M., within the masterclass of Prof. Oleg Maisenberg and composition at the conservatory Stuttgart with Bojidar Dimov. His work ranges from solo pieces and chamber music to big orchestra pieces and opera.

Holtz grew up as a musician in the context of subcultural electronic music and studied within the Sound Studies program of UDK Berlin. He works in the field of improvised electronics, performance, multichannel concrete sound-compositions and installation.

For the project a:toc Holtz works with electronic material of different form and origin and processes the piano sound of the compositions of Andreas F. Staffel.
The compositions of Staffel work with subtile interlaced and contrasting tempers which initiate rooms that are filtered and supplemented by electronics.

Ort: Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Berlin
Eintritt: 10 €/7 €/6 € (Kinder und Jugendliche frei)
Homepage: Musikstudio Ohrpheo

Andreas Staffel spielt Piano in Ningbo.JPGJulius Holtz beim Plattenauflegen

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