Andreas F. Staffel: Treibgut (Floatsam) II

A. Thierbach (oboe) | S. Stock (accordion)

The piece "Treibgut II" for baritone oboe and accordion was created in spring 2016. The composition refers to the beginning of the third act of Wagner's "Tristan". Parts of the "Hirtenreigen" are spread over the whole piece. Like drift in the water, sounds are "swept up" and disappear in the distance.
World premiere on 01.07.2016 in the Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Berlin

Video recording from performance in the concert hall of the Hans-Eisler Musikschule (5.11.2016)

Video recording of the premiere on 01.07.2016 in Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Berlin

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