Andreas F. Staffel: Suite "Sur bois" for flute and piano (2002-2016)

Eric Drescher | C flute, alto and piccolo
Pavlos Antoniadis | piano

Sound: Daniel Weingarten

I. Épigraphes sur bois (Tombeau)
II. Air on Air
III. Embranchements (Courante)
IV. Les feuillets morts (Sarabande)
V. Langue du feux (Gigue)

World Premiere Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin on 09.06.2017

Sur Bois - Die einzelnen Sätze

Andreas F. Staffel: About "Sur bois" for flutes and piano (2009 - 16)

The first draft of the suite  was developed in 1999 and was revised in autumn 2009 and 2016. The title means as much as "on wood", and reflect about the origin of the flute as a member of the woodwind family. I have tried to characterize the very different aspects of the contemporary flute sound in connection with the grand piano in the five individual movements of "Sur bois". The first movement, Tombeau, for the alto flute and piano, is dedicated to a friend, who died in September 2009, and combines the elements of a Tombeau with sound name inscriptions. In the second movement, "Air on Air", both instrumentalists play with the possibilities of breathing and the connections of "sounding air". In the third movement, "Embranchements" ("Branches"), the melodic and rhythmic series are intersecting, forming different forms, reminding of ramifications in nature. The fourth mouvement, "Les Feuilles Mortes", for flute and piano, uses as the only note for the flute an E, the intonation of which is alternately eclipsed or illuminated.. One will think of processes in nature, of the ever-new formation of wrinkles, rings, and discolorations. In the fast gigue of the last movement "Langue du feu", both instruments move upwards and again into ever higher register positions, up to the "tree boundary". The flute uses constantly changing sound colors like lip pizzicati, trumpet tones, whistle, jettones and without flute Hissed notes.

(Berlin, December 2016)

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