Polimonolie I for Accordion

Sergej Tchirkov | accordion
German premiere - July 3, 2016 Music studio Ohrpheo (www.ohrpheo.de) in Berlin

The piece was created in spring 2014 and is dedicated to a Persian artist. In addition to the allusion to the game Monopoly,the composition essentially refers to the constant alternation between one and several voices. Isolated, very thinned and recitative recitative passages stand beside true Soundexplosions. The rhythmic dislocations, which play a leading part in the Tango Nuevo, are additionally highlighted by the sharp, permanently shifted two-thirds. In the calm passages the air sounds of the accordion bell synchronize with the breath of the player. Both the slow and the fast passages are led to their extremes in their development. As the music slowly dissipates and extinguishes in its slow parts, the allegropassages are driven to a furious obsession at their climax. At the same time, the interpreter simultaneously strikes chromatic clusters on the keyboard, moves the bellows in the outermost vibrato and straddles with his feet. At the end of the composition there are only bass tones left, which, like a shipshorn, eclipse in the distance.


Worldpremiere "Polymonolie I"
Sergey Tchirkov, accordion
Z.I.L Moscow, 8.06. 2015

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for Accordion Solo
Order number: 4102113
Edition Anthemion

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