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Video project 'Elise, shut up!'

Elise, shut up!

A video project by Dana Widawski
with music by Andreas F. Staffel
for the Beethoven Jubilee Year 2020

A pianist and hands on six musical boxes fight a duel for and with Beethoven's - to the point of weariness copied - melody 'For Elise'. The mechanics of the musical boxes are placed in consoles, each of which bears anonymised busts of other famous composers, though only Beethoven himself can be heard in the ensemble. In 6 variations, his commercially exploited bagatelle is lovingly caressed, twisted, sliced, then at last buried, through both analogue and digital means. The video project 'Elise, shut up!' is a dialogue between Dana Widawski's sound sculptures and Andreas F. Staffel's music, something to be naturally seen as well as heard.

HD ·  9:15 Min.

Please send me an email if you want to watch the video.

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Crowdfunding for my new CD-project 'Kitschresistent'
Andreas F. Staffel (composer), Daniel Weingarten (Tonmeister), Jan Gerdes (pianist) - CD-Production Kitschresistent (Crowdfunding)

Crowdfunding for the CD 'Kitschresistent'

Dear friends,

for my new CD project, the creation of the CD'Kitschresistent', I need your help!

The CD will contain 15 piano pieces of mine from the years 2006 - 2017. We (Jan Gerdes, pianist | Daniel Weingarten, Tonmeister and I) would be very happy if you would support us with a small contribution and become part of our team!

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CD 'Treibgut'
Cover of the CD 'Treibgut'

CD 'Treibgut'

On 5.12.2016 my new CD Treibgut with chamber music from the years 2015 - 2016 was released, played by internationally renowned performers. It costs 10,- € (plus shipping).

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