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4 Intermezzi for double bass - solo
Edition Anthemion 71782

Orchestral Works

„Beethoven off set” (or "I take it back the ninth symphony") for symphony orchestras and ensembles (2015) • The Recognitions for orchestra and backing tape (2006) PlayÜBerlinien II for soprano and orchestra (2010) • Conzerto for piano and Orchestra (1992/rev.2000) • Koros Heliou for small orchestra (2004)

Theatrical Works

Sotto voce Shorthand for a soprano (UA 01.09.2011 Hauptbahnhof Berlin) PlayTimbuktu or the Library of the Desert (2008-Proj.) • ...denn nicht, wie mein Herz auf dich einschlägt (lyric chamber opera after texts by Helmut Krausser for Soprano, baritone, 7 players and backing tape) (2000-2001)

Ensemble Music

Kubik (07) for 14 players (Fl., Ob., Klar., Fag., Hrn., Tr., Tb., Pno., Hrf., Vl., Vla., Vlc., Kb.) • Wolkeninseln for 12 cross flutes (1999) PlayEffigies (08) für 12 Spieler (Fl., Ob., Klar., Fag., Hrn., Perc., Pno.) • Canto Capriccioso (08) (clar., 2 pianos, bandura, 2 Vl., Vla., Vlc., Kb.) • Soleil et Chair for dancers, video set-up, ensemble and 12 instrumentalists (2002-2006) (Fl., Ob., Klar., Hrn., Pno., Perc., Vl., Vla., Kb.)

Solo Pieces

Anthemion for harp solo (2007) PlayShadow inscriptions for bassflute solo (2011) • Lipstones for horn solo (2016) • Polymonolie I - II for accordion solo (2015-2016) • Sonata for Violin Solo ("Um Haaresbreite") (2003-2016) • For Mooni (Aprèlude and Allegro Ossesionato) for violoncello solo (2016) • Feuerzungen - arr. for glissando-flute (2017)• Feuerzungen - arr. for trumpet (2017) • 4 Intermezzi for double bass - solo (2017)


Suite "Sur bois" for flute and piano (1999-2009) • Fünf Begegnungen (for violoncello and piano) (2002) • Encounterpoints I for violoncello and piano (2014) • Treibgut II for baroque oboe and accordion (2016) • “Zwei Stücke“ for two violins (2016) • Um Haaresbreite/By a hairsbreadth (version for two violins) (2016)


Trio Del llanto (for Garcia Lorca, for flute, guitar and viola) (2003) PlayTrialoge for three transverse futes (trialogue, Stimmungswechsel, Feuerzungen) (2003) • Trio Distanzen/abzweigende Linienführung) for violin, violoncello and piano (October 2005)


String quartet No. I (1999) • String quartet No. II (Asanisimasa) (2006) • Fortune for saxophone quartet • Two monochrome landscapes (Fl., Pno., Perc., Violoncello) • Out of Focus for four electric gituars (2012) • String quartet No. III To Gerhard Richter (2014 - 2016)


Quintett (her fork strikes Piazolla in the dawn at the river) Sax, Akk., string trio (2005)


Sextett (Spokes) (Fl., Kl., Kl., Perc., Vl., Vlc.) • Septett Twilight/fading light (Fl., Kl., Hrn., Kl., Perc., Vl., Vlc.) • "Aprèlude" for sextet (Bassklar., Horn, Klavier, Akk.,Vlc., KB.) (2016) • "Flexagon" (2017)


Encounterpoints II (saxophone, bassoon, percussion, soprano, string trio)

Piano Music

Illumination (1995) • Night pieces (night webing, fluctuation, moon shadows) (1999) • B-A-C-H (2000) • Hydromorphe (for prpared piano) (2002) • Shadow keys (Choral Play | Elf-einhalb Play | Monshi Play | Piccole domande al Sigr. Alberti Play | Der springende Punkt  Play) (2006) • Six pieces for jung pianists (2008-2009) (Blues, Tangofuge, Valse d'adieux, Lauer Marsch, Displacement at risk, Passanera; written for the Potsdamer Kalender Musik 09) • Centaur for piano solo (2009, W.P. 2010) • Keyboard shadows, cycle for piano, 2012-2014 (Unantastbar, Choral II, Kitschresistent, Magical Squares, Harmonic alphabet, Line on line, Quasi una decadenza) • Kitschresistent version for piano and live electronics (2016)

Vocal Music

a) Choral Works

Banale Madrigale…(conversations and common texts for mixed choir a cappella) (2005) • Speechless, fugue for eight-part choir a capella (2015)

b) Songs

The beautiful night | epigrams (Goethe) for soprano and piano (commissioned by the City of Frankfurt) (2004) • 4 Diotima songsr according to Friederich Hölderlin for soprano and piano (1992-98) • 3 songs according to Georg Trakl for baritone and piano (1992) • 7 songs according to Paul Celan for baritone and piano (2001) • 8 songs by love poems by Bertold Brecht (2000 - 2011) for soprano, baritone and tenor| Arrangement of three songs for soprano and double bass (2017) • Selected songs according to Helmut Krausser (2000) for soprano and baritone • Pastoral, according to Edna St.Vincent Millay (2005) • Locally stunted for soprano, baritone, piano and smartphone phonetic device by own texts (2016) • Destillations | Four songs based on poems by Gottfried Benn for high soprano, piano, live electronics and play-along (2017)